Born: October 15, 1989

Name: Donny

Sex: male

Companion: Currently single

Favorite Food: Bamboo leaves from freshly-cut stalks, grown on the IPPL grounds

Favorite Activity: Sun-bathing in the aerial tubes


Originally born at a zoo in Michigan, Donny was sent to a zoo in Ohio in 1993, and then to Indiana in 1994. His life at the Indiana zoo was very difficult as he was placed with other gibbons who attacked him mercilessly. He received many injuries to his face, hands, and body and, understandably, became depressed and would sit on the bottom of his cage. Shortly thereafter, Donny was moved to a very small zoo in Wisconsin where he spent most of his time indoors due to the cold climate. Finally in June of 2001 Donny made one more move when he relocated to his permanent home here at IPPL.

After his difficult and unpredictable life in the zoo world Donny has settled in very nicely at IPPL. He is one of the most relaxed gibbons on the property and is always excited and vocalizes when the animal care staff serves him his lunch every day. He gets most excited when it’s his turn at one of the enrichment mirrors we hang in the gibbons’ enclosures. Donny will spend a significant amount of time sitting in front of the mirror, turning his head slightly and gazing at his reflection at all angles. Seeing as he is one of the most handsome gibbons on the property, it is time well spent!