Born: December 14, 1984

Name: Jade

Sex: female

Companion: Ahimsa

Favorite Food: Anything salty (peanuts, crackers—also bugs and lizards)

Favorite Activity: Flirting with neighboring males


Originally from the Honolulu Zoo, Jade was sent to Maui Zoo. She, her mate Palu-Palu, and their son Maui came to IPPL in March of 1996. They were rescued from the Maui Zoo which was in trouble with the US Department of Agriculture due to its many violations of the Animal Welfare Act and its substandard animal housing. The family arrived at IPPL with several boxes of Maui pineapples as their luggage!

Jade is a healthy, assertive female. She is never shy of new things and is quick to defend her territory against nearby females. She will ever so gently pinch the animal care staff’s fingers while aggressively showing her teeth at her female neighbors. She will glance back at our caregivers as if to say, “Act like it hurts! I have a reputation to uphold!” While she can be a bit of a food hog, Jade was very loving to her mate – Palu-Palu and was an excellent mother to Maui. An IPPL member in Hawaii wrote to us shortly after they arrived here, remembering that, when Maui was born, Jade “cared for him carefully, and his father was attentive all through his growing up.” So while she may act all tough, we know that Jade is actually a big softie!