Michael 2


Born: September 18, 1989

Name: Michael

Sex: male

Companion: Currently single

Favorite Food: Honeydew melons

Favorite Activity: Perching in an aerial runway so he can scope out what’s for lunch


Michael was born at IPPL to Arun Rangsi and his mate, Shanti. Michael is very sweet and laid-back. He is rarely grabby and has always been much loved by the staff and volunteers here. Michael will eat just about everything including fruit, veggies, and anything he can reach outside of his enclosure. He also likes sunbathing in his runways, drinking from the hose when his caregivers are cleaning the enclosure, and having his back scratched.

After Michael was vasectomized in 2010, IPPL began playing match-maker. In the spring of 2012, Michael’s big chance finally arrived. Tensions were rising between Erin and her daughter Cathy, one of our young females, and we needed to separate them. We moved Cathy adjacent to Michael and in less than two weeks, it was clear that they were meant to be together and all barriers were removed. The pair ran over to each other and immediately hugged! Michael has always been a little quiet when singing with the other gibbons, and some caretakers say he is really just lip-synching to fit in. When we approach him at meal time, for which Michael is never late, he will make silent “ooos” at us, pursing his lips and acting like he’s going to vocalize, but seldom actually doing so!

Cathy, who was only 20 years old and showed no signs of being ill, died suddenly on September 30, 2020. We hope to find another companion for our wonderful Michael.