Farah looking down from tree

From a difficult start in life to thriving

Imagine you are at home with your family and all of a sudden strangers arrive and turn your world upside down. Then you are dragged away in chains. Now imagine you are a 10-month infant. No one should ever have to go thru through an event like that, but unfortunately this not an uncommon occurrence for primates affected by the illegal wildlife trade. That’s where Ape Action Africa comes in to make a difference.

When the 10-month-old victim was Farah, a chimpanzee in Cameroon, he was lucky that Ape Action Africa (AAA) was there to leap into action. When you read his poignant story in IPPLs March newsletter, please be sure you have some tissues handy! This is one that will tug at your heartstrings. It’s a truly moving account by AAA Trustee, Susan Luttrell.

[su_quote cite=”Susan Lutter”]AAA is on the front lines of modern armed conflict in the jungle, never knowing when a new individual may arrive, what condition he or she will be in, what therapies they may need or for how long. It is due to the exceptional support of IPPL, and others like them, that we never have a reason to hesitate in providing whatever the next Farah needs, the moment that he or she needs it.[/su_quote]

AAA says thank you

Thanks to our generous, dedicated supporters, IPPL has helped AAA care for 350 primates. Ape Action Africa can rest easy knowing they won’t have to turn away primates in need, like Farah, as long as they continue to have caring donors to help contribute to their life-saving work and TLC at the sanctuary.

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