Since IPPL was founded in 1973, we have benefited from many caring supporters who have remembered IPPL in their wills. Today, you can help us ensure that future generations of apes and monkeys will live in a world where primates will have IPPL working tirelessly on their behalf -- working to ensure that primates in the wild are free from fear of human abuse and that those in captivity have access to loving care. One special and significant way for you to support IPPL’s mission is to leave us a bequest in your will, trust or other financial plan.

Ways to Give Include:

♦Will or Trust
♦Retirement Assests
♦Life Insurance
♦Charitable Gifts


The following is to help you and your attorney in drafting a bequest that expresses your individual interests. As you consult your attorney on the appropriate wording, be sure that the organization’s legal name appears in all final documents as: International Primate Protection League, Inc. Federal Tax Identification Number 51-0194013. Language can be as simple as: I give, devise and bequeath DESCRIPTION OF GIFT to International Primate Protection League, Inc., a non-profit organization located at 120 Primate Lane, Summerville, SC 29483, Federal Tax Identification number 51-0194013, for International Primate Protection League’s general use and purpose. Through bequests over the years, IPPL has been able to accomplish many critical changes to protect and improve the lives of the primates around the world.


These include:

♦Providing the best possible care for the special gibbons at our Headquarters Sanctuary.

♦Giving support to primate rescue centers in countries where primates are native.

♦Assisting grassroots wildlife groups in their efforts to promote concern for primates.

♦Carrying out investigations of primate trafficking and abuse worldwide.

♦Doing outreach to make others aware of the plight of the world's monkeys and apes.


By including IPPL in your estate plans, you will enable us to continue this critical work for the primates in need and the dedicated organizations who continue to stand by them. Your gift, no matter what size, will play a vital role in securing the future of IPPL’s gibbons and primates in need around the world.