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In 1973, IPPL was just beginning with only a small handful of supporters hoping to make a difference. Today, IPPL is no longer small. We have become an internationally renowned organization that has helped many organizations, and literally tens of thousands of primates, in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Our support includes responding to the needs of an organization when they have an urgent need such as during the Ebola Crisis or after devastating fires. IPPL also supports over 25 organizations annually through our Small Grants Program. This financial aid is critical to their important work.

In addition, IPPL headquarters is also home to a gibbon sanctuary where dozens of gibbons reside in Summerville, South Carolina. They have come to us from tourist attractions that closed,  zoos that were closing or they had gibbons they could no longer care for or they had handicaps such as blindness or epilepsy. Some were private pets and many had spent years in research laboratories.

Our ability to maintain our gibbon sanctuary and respond to the critical needs of so many would not be possible without dedicated supporters.

Here are just a few examples of how your financial support helps primates around the world.

Kenya - All the team at Colobus Conservation are extremely grateful for IPPL’s continued support and we would like to thank all IPPL supporters for their kind and generous donations to IPPL. Your support has helped us to protect and conserve the primates and forests in southeastern Kenya for the past 20 years and will assist us to continue this work long into the future.

The Democratic Republic of Congo - In ten years, J.A.C.K. built 12-night facilities and 3 open-air playgrounds for its hairy children. This work would not have been possible without the great heart of the International Primate Protection League and its supporters.

Sierra Leone - We, at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, are extremely grateful for the continuous support from IPPL’s supporters towards the rescued chimpanzees. This past year we have rescued seven chimpanzees. They all arrived traumatized and in need of special care and veterinary attention to begin their rehabilitation. Thanks to IPPL, and its supporters, for giving them a new life.

Note: All the primate images seen on our website are IPPL gibbons or primates from other organizations that IPPL and its donors support.