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IPPL Celebrates 50 Years!

Our latest issue of IPPL News is now online. This celebratory issue includes How and Why Shirley formed IPPL in 1973 by John McGreal, stories from many other people who have known and worked with her for many years, and more. We hope you enjoy this special publication.


Our Spring issue of IPPL News is now online!

Articles include three on IPPL’s participation at The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Panama City. Other articles include the Conservation of Great Apes in Itombwe Mountains, A Day in the Life at IPPL, profiles on two of IPPL’s volunteers, an update on the kidnapping of the…


Goodbye to Our Sweet Chloe

Our hearts are broken at the sudden passing of sweet Chloe on March 22, 2023. Originally a family pet, Chloe’s canine teeth were removed, leaving her with a permanent deformity. This is a cruel but common practice to avoid being bitten by wild primates that people have bought and then tried to domesticate. But they…


Our Holiday Issue of IPPL News is Now Online!

This issue contains articles from many of our Global Partners including Colobus Conservation and the challenges they face, the horrific fires facing Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi in Bolivia, C.A.R.E’s orphaned baboons, Wildlife At Risk’s work to give primates a second chance, and a special article on orangutans and the palm oil industry provided by The…


A Sad Farwell to Our Sweet, Social Palu-Palu

Palu-Palu was wild caught, smuggled to Hawaii, and then purchased to be another pet of Sam Pryor. This former vice-president of Pan America airlines, kept a number of gibbons as pets. Pryor had asked IPPL to take all of his gibbons upon his death but unfortunately, he didn’t put his wishes down in writing. When…

Primate protection organization

The latest issue of IPPL News is now online!

This issue contains interesting articles from Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, Zambia Primate Project,  the engaging encounter of Bobo the gorilla and a bushbaby, and more! Please share so others can learn more about IPPL and our global partners.

GDA banner 2

Giving Day for Apes is October 11 but EARLY DONATIONS have begun!

The Global Federation of Animals (GFAS) will present its 9th annual Giving Day for Apes on October 11, 2022. Since 1977 when IPPL established a gibbon sanctuary, we have provided peaceful lives for dozens of gibbons. Many had endured years, even decades, living in horrific environments including research laboratories. At IPPL, we consider all of…


Shirley McGreal Tribute Issue of IPPL News is now online!

Since the death of our founder in November 2021, we have been gathering many heartwarming messages from around the world. As Shirley fought to help primates for almost 50 years, she  had a tremendous impact on humans as well. Included in this issue of IPPL News are memories from IPPL’s board and staff, tributes from…

African Wildlife Foudationw with photo credit

February 14th is not just Valentine’s Day… Its’ World Bonobo Day!

  World Bonobo Day was started in 2017 to raise awareness about bonobos while aiding in the conservation of this remarkable species. Since then this special day continues to be celebrated on February 14. “Why are bonobos lesser known than chimps, gorillas, and orangutans? Perhaps mainly because they live only in one place, and it…

IPPL Holiday Issue 2021

The 2021 Holiday Issue of IPPL News is now online


Shirley McGreal 1934 – 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our beloved founder, Dr. Shirley McGreal. Since the early 1970’s when she witnessed the horrific treatment of primates in Asia, Shirley has made it her life’s mission to help primates around the globe. As we mourn this loss, we also celebrate her life. Her…



There are interesting articles from Neotropical Primate Center, HURO and Kalaweit featuring the cover orangutan, Mr. Waruh. We hope you enjoy reading this latest issue which can also be downloaded and/or printed.



Since 1994, IPPL has rescued dozens of gibbons, some originally wild caught who had the misfortune of then spending years, even decades, in research labs. Others were born in labs, spent years in zoos, tourist attractions or as pets. Currently IPPL has 30 exceptional gibbons living at our sanctuary. In addition to providing the best…



Whoop-Whoop’s life was terrifying, then perilous, before he arrived at IPPL in 2007. He was used for research at a notorious primate lab and then spent four years at a sanctuary. Indoor conditions were so poor that many gibbons chose to stay outside at night – enduring cold weather and the danger of frostbite. Whoop-Whoop’s…



As of March 2020, the western gorilla is classified as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List, with an estimated 125,000 remaining in the wild. The Eastern gorilla is also Critically Endangered, largely due to habitat loss and hunting. Some good news is that one subspecies of eastern gorilla, the mountain gorilla, has increased in number and is…


International Primate Day!

INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE DAY! International Primate Day, September 1, is an annual educational observance event organized since 2005 largely by British-based Animal Defenders International (DI) and supported annually by various primate-orientated advocacy organizations around the world. Since 1973 IPPL has been actively engaged protecting and saving primates. These efforts include maintaining our gibbon sanctuary in Summerville,…


World Orangutan Day!

To recognize the most iconic victim of the palm oil industry, International Orangutan Day has been set for August 19th, EVERY YEAR! This event is to help encourage the public to take action in preserving this amazing species. From 1992-2000, the population of the Sumatran orangutan is considered to have declined by more than 50%.…


World Chimpanzee Day!

Today we celebrate these remarkable beings and raise awareness about the vital need for worldwide participation in their welfare, protection, and conservation. July 14, 1960, was the day Dr. Jane Goodall first stepped foot in what is now Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania, to study wild chimpanzees. She began to call attention to the remarkable…