Erin turns 29 today! I’ll bet you didn’t know….

1. Erin is a ninja. The story is that once when she was being darted for capture at a facility where she lived previously, she actually caught the dart in mid-air! (Sorry, no photo of that incident; you’ll have to take our word for it.)


Erin the ninja

Erin’s got that beady ninja look down pat.


2. Erin has a competitive streak that manifests itself in her relationships to other nearby females. Some of our caregivers call Gibbon House #7 “The ladies’ room” from the way our Erin will regularly have intense staring contests with her neighbors ElsaE.T., and Uma.


Erin sings

Erin tells Elsa, E.T., and Uma, “I’ve got my eye on you!”


3. Erin is—vis-à-vis a number of other black-furred females at IPPL, like Helen (“the Hellion”) and Dianne (“Let’s-scare-the-bejeebers-out-of-the-new-animal-caregiver-today”), to name a couple—a refreshingly mild-mannered gibbon who gently takes tidbits from her caregivers.


Erin gazing

Erin was a great mom to her daughter Cathy.


4. Erin can still see her daughter Cathy, who was paired with sweet Michael two years ago, in an enclosure not too far away. Even though Cathy and Michael seem to be quite a compatible pair, we often see Cathy hanging out in her tower and looking in her mother’s direction.


Erin swinging

Good thing Erin doesn’t turn her ninja skills on her caregivers!


5. Erin and Ziggy are a fairly private couple, but we do catch them tenderly grooming each other every now and then, as we did earlier today. The magic is still there!


IMG_5808-Erin and Ziggy-compressed

IMG_5799-Erin and Ziggy-compressed

IMG_5805-Erin and Ziggy-compressed

IMG_5817-Erin and Ziggy-compressed

IMG_5831-Ziggy and Erin-compressed








  1. Michael Barclay on March 1, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Happy Birthday Erin.