Ahimsa and Jade (1) (1)


Born: November 23, 1985

Name: Ahimsa

Sex: male

Companion: Jade

Favorite Food: Pears

Favorite Activity: Sunning with Jade


Ahimsa was the first gibbon born at IPPL! He was born to Shanti and her mate Arun Rangsi. Ahimsa was a surprise baby, as his dad had been isolation-reared in a lab and (according to psychology textbooks) was not expected to breed. Fortunately, Arun Rangsi had not read these books! The tiny baby was given the Sanskrit name Ahimsa, which means “no harm to all living creatures.” His parents took wonderful care of him. Once he matured he was paired with Elizabeth, who came to IPPL from a Florida tourist attraction. After Elizabeth passed in 2021 Ahimsa was a bachelor for a while. In 2023 he and Jade were introduced and have been close companions ever since!