New construction at C.A.R.E.

Hello from C.A.R.E.!

This is day two, and I’m starting to get acclimated. The first day was spent meeting the baboons and catching up with C.A.R.E. founder Rita Miljo, who sends her best to IPPL and its supporters.

New construction at C.A.R.E.

A new enclosure at C.A.R.E., for baboons who will be released from a lab.

We are staying at the wonderful Mfubu lodge in a cottage overlooking the Olifants River. No alarm clock was needed, as we were aroused from sleep at 5:00 a.m. by hippos, baboons, and various other bush animals starting their day. Most notable was the sound of a vervet monkey taking the opportunity to relieve herself outside our open window. We thought it was raining ;-).

There are some exciting happenings here at C.A.R.E. Workers are busy putting the finishing touches on the new Hok that will house 10 baboons being released from laboratory research. This is remarkable, as (historically speaking) these labs would never think to release their subjects to a sanctuary. That this is occurring is an indication of a change in attitude about baboons, which is cause for celebration.