What could be better than one Day of Caring? Two Days of Caring, of course!

This annual volunteer blitz—which is organized by our Trident United Way—has been expanding over the years. On September 11, 2001, the Day of Caring also became a way to for people in our area to come together in community and solidarity in the face of the attacks on our nation.

The regional event has become so popular, it’s now spilling over into additional days. This year we were glad to have volunteer teams come out to the sanctuary on both Friday, September 13 (the official “Day”), and Saturday the 14th.

On Friday, we were delighted to have a return engagement by the hard workers at the Hagemeyer company (in addition to a special kids’ team from the University School of the Lowcountry), and on Saturday a group of employees from Boeing came out for the first time to help out.

It was a lot of work coordinating two days of volunteer activities, but (as our caregivers Meg and Brandon both agreed) “We got a lot done!”


Onnie, the leader of Team Hagemeyer, is disinfecting Helen and Peppy’s enclosure with bleach.




We got help from Team Hagemeyer in hosing out the enclosures on Friday; they knew to stand a gibbon-arm’s-length back.




Our caregiver Brandon (left) worked with Team Hagemeyer in laying down sod under a tree near the office; the sod was removed from the space where the kids were planting a gibbon veggie garden.




“Hard work is fascinating; I can sit and watch it all day!” says Michael as he keeps an eye on one of the guys from Team Hagemeyer mowing near Gibbon House #9.




Nicholas puts on a bit of a display as the Hagemeyer Team weed-eats around his enclosure.


Hagemeyer and USL

We had GOOD luck on Friday the Thirteenth: Teams from Hagemeyer and the University School of the Lowcountry helped us out, AND the rain held off (until 4:00)!




Part of the Boeing Team painted the inside of Igor’s house on Saturday.



Members of Team Boeing helped our staff hang about 300 feet of swinging ropes in the enclosures of Ahimsa & Elizabeth and Maui & Speedy.


Thank you, Team Boeing, for all your help on the Day of Caring Part II!