Our hearts are broken at the sudden passing of sweet Chloe on March 22, 2023. Originally a family pet, Chloe’s canine teeth were removed, leaving her with a permanent deformity. This is a cruel but common practice to avoid being bitten by wild primates that people have bought and then tried to domesticate. But they didn’t keep her. Instead, she was sent to a primate facility where she endured harsh conditions for two years.

In 2007 Chole’s life changed when she and 11 other gibbons arrived at IPPL. In March 2010, Chloe was placed with an elderly, deaf, widower gibbon named Blackie. They were playful companions until Blackie died in September 2019. After that, Chloe would entertain herself by spinning on her poles and watching her neighbor, Gary. That changed in March 2022 when Gary and Chloe were introduced. Hitting it off – they became very happy companions!

Even though Chloe was one of our older gibbons, she was incredibly lively and loved spinning around the vertical support poles in her enclosure. She tended to be very picky with her affections, only allowing certain people to scratch her back but she always came over for an extra ripe banana – her favorite treat.

Chloe had her own unique personality. She could be very grumpy (she was not a morning person!) but had the potential to be one of the sweetest gibbons. She had a habit of putting out her hands to request a massage. She also loved to have her hair brushed. (One of her nicknames was Princess.)

Sadly, our little Princess is gone. We will miss her every day, but will continue to cherish the special memories she left. Chloe was 47.




Chloe eating a quail egg                                        Gary (l) and Chloe (r) sharing a drink