IMG_0262-orange pumpkins-3x4

Our animal care staff have again come up with some spook-tacular treats for our gibbons’ annual Halloween veggie feast!

IMG_0206-Maynard Halloween-3x4

Maynard dove for the pineapple before we had a chance to show it off to most of the other gibbons. But we forgave him: today is the sixth anniversary of his arrival at IPPL! Time to go on a tear!



Maynard had a fine time tearing into the leafy top of our pineapple creation! Grrrrrr!



Whoop-Whoop loves pears, so he was scheming how to get some of those little green monsters.



Our caregivers gave him a hand!



Spanky seemed a little reluctant at first, but he soon got used to the idea.

IMG_0263-Spank Halloween-3x4


Elizabeth licked the black food coloring off her orange pumpkins until her tongue turned black!

IMG_0257-Elizabeth halloween-3x4


As an added bonus, all the veggies we used for this Halloween display were donated to us by our friends at Costco

Here’s a monstrous shopping list to get you started on your own healthy Halloween display:


IMG_0259-Halloween pineapple-3x4

Tiki-type jack-o-lantern

1 pineapple (plus some good carving skills)



Pumpkin veggie mosaic

1 package baby carrots

1 mushroom (for eyes, nose, and mouth)

1 broccoli floret (for stem)


IMG_0262-orange pumpkins-3x4

Orange mini pumpkins

6-8 peeled mandarin oranges

Black food coloring (for creating faces, to be applied with tooth picks)

1-2 asparagus spears (for stems)


IMG_0260-pear monster-3x4

Little green monsters

2-3 Bartlett pears

1 strawberry (for tongues)

1 mushroom (for creating eyes)

Black food coloring (ditto)