Yes, we finally have a new cooler! Thanks to the success of our crowdfunding campaign on, we have been able to purchase and install a new second cooler for our fruits and veggies in our Animal Care Cottage. The cottage is where our daily food preparation for the gibbons takes place.

IMG_0628-Samantha and new cooler-3x4


Prior to this spring, we did indeed own a trusty old cooler, and it did the job fine. But when Costco began donating truckloads of amazing produce to us every Tuesday, we knew we needed more space to store the weekly windfall. So we decided to ask for a little help via

Our crowdfunding campaign went very well: many, many thanks to all our wonderful supporters who contributed. In the end we reached 101% of our goal.

That meant we were able to purchase our new cooler pronto. We took delivery promptly, and although it was a bit of a squeeze getting the thing into the building, the installation went smoothly.

IMG_0467-new cooler delivery-3x4

IMG_0472-new cooler delivery-3x4

IMG_0477-new cooler delivery 3x4

IMG_0480-new cooler-delivery-3x4

IMG_0500-new cooler delivery-3x4


Now we’ll be able to keep the gibbons in chilled watermelon all summer long—thanks to Costco, and our wonderful supporters!

Costco visit

Costco staff visited us this week and admired the new cooler we were able to purchase thanks to our crowdfunding friends. They admired the gibbons, too–like Palu-Palu, here.


  1. Sharon on June 22, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    Our Costco pals and our LoveAnimals pals–what a team!