Last week we received an unexpected package addressed to Shirley—and Igor.

Cynthia's gift for Igor

It turned out to be from one of his admirers, Cynthia, who had visited IPPL this past February.

On opening the box, we found a cute little primate-printed pouch, and inside that was a “junior” brush and comb set just for Igor.

Cynthia's brush for Igor


She also wrote him a sweet little note on the back of a photo that a friend had taken of Cynthia with Igor inside his house.

IMG_3257-Cynthia Bernot gift for Igor-compressed


Cynthia knows that one of Igor’s favorite activities is being groomed by his friends. Grooming is a universally appreciated primate pastime, but because Igor lives alone due to his psychological problems, it’s especially important that his caregivers spend extra time grooming him. So this week they’ve been giving the new “equipment” a good workout, grooming his forearms, shins, sides, and lower back, as well as his head.

photo-Igor and brush-by Cheri Lutz-compressed 

With the increase in humidity around here, as we warm up toward summer, Igor sometimes wakes up with a serious case of the frizzies, so this brush couldn’t have come at a better time. 



We’ve found that Igor prefers the softer brush over the comb. But he loves his new brush so much that he is letting people groom him who don’t normally engage with Igor this way—including our caregiver Brandon (whom Igor can be wary of, as he is of some males) and a new volunteer who gave our caregiver Meg a hand a few days ago. Sometimes he gets so relaxed he starts to snooze!

IMG_1242 - Igor and brush-compressed

So from Igor and all the staff at the Gibbon House #3 beauty salon, “Thank you, Cynthia!”

(And, by the way, Shirley very much enjoyed the delicious cookies that Cynthia included in the package, so she says thank you, too!)



  1. Cynthia on April 19, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    So happy little Igor loves his new brush! The little Monkey pouch will keep it dry and dust-free. Wish I was there to be his private hair dresser! I noticed Igor when he turns his back to you and sits at his little grooming station, he enjoyed gentle back rubs up and down his little spine — and he did seem to really enjoy my singing as he decided to do a very well thought out hand stand push-up in the air! — similar to what you see athletes do on the Rings at gymnastic events. Igor is my “Sunshine”!