Maui enjoying some grapes while waiting for lunch.

Happy Earth Day from IPPL!

Earth Day gives us a special day every year to celebrate the planet that we all call home. It is a great chance to reflect on our relationship with the Earth that we call home and share with all life.

Every day = Earth Day

It’s how we live our daily lives, though, that can make a difference for sustainability and environmental health. At IPPL we take those values seriously and incorporate them into our work each and every day.
Part of our green programming at IPPL centers on providing the gibbons with natural shade and browse. Trees and other plantings also help to protect and manage the soil and water on our property. Because of its versatility, we especially love grape vines.

Made in the Shade

Grape vines provide much needed shade for our 34 ape residents. The vines can also be harvested for browse as the gibbons greatly enjoy the soft new growth.

A Place to Play

In addition to shade, the grapevines add to the complexity of the outdoor enclosures. Some of the caregivers will make enrichment with the vines too!

Double Duty

Grape vines can play a role in controlling erosion and surface water, providing “ecosystem services” that complement the direct benefits to the gibbons.

Delicious and Nutritious

Most obviously, the grape vines produce delicious grapes! Each year, caregivers are able to collect gallons and gallons of grapes that the Gibbons enjoy quite thoroughly!

Earth Day is a special chance to say “Thank You” to all of our friends and partners their passion and dedication.

Our generous supporters make it possible to provide a wonderful sanctuary home for the gibbons. We work hard to make a difference for primates and the planet each and every day and are grateful to have friends and supporters who join us in this mission.

Happy Earth Day from the staff, gibbons, and otters at IPPL!

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