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Global Advocacy Update

One of the most important meetings about protections for primates and other wildlife is current underway in Geneva, Switzerland: the 18th Conference of the Parties for the Convention International Trade in Endangered Species, CITES. Here’s a round up of some highlights from the conference so far.

IPPL Delegation

IPPL is well represented by Founder Dr. Shirley McGreal and board member Dr. Ian Redmond.  Dr. Redmond made comments about the illegal trade in apes and the importance of law enforcement and continued vigilance against this threat that is pushing apes toward the brink of extinction. (Photos: I. Redmond and D. Stiles)

Advocating for Apes

IPPL co-sponsored a panel event on the ape trade.  (Photo Credits: I. Redmond and E. Ceballos)

Celebrating Courage

Each year, the Species Survival Network (SSN) and Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) honor recipients for their dedication and courage on the front lines of conservation. IPPL was delighted when Limbe was recognized at CITES for the their important work.  We have supported Limbe through our small grants program for years and been very fortunate host them at IPPL Member meetings in the past. (Photos via I. Redmond)

Stronger Together

Meeting with other stakeholders working for the protection of primates and other wildlife is essential for global protections, so the IPPL delegation is busy even between sessions.

More Work Ahead

CITES will be coming to a close on the 28th, but there is still plenty of work for the IPPL delegation. Hopefully there will be more progress on behalf of primates and other animals.  For updates, please follow IPPL, Dr. Shirley McGreal and Dr. Redmond on Facebook.