Last Thursday, many Americans had their fill of turkey (or Tofurky) as we sat around the table and shared the many things we are thankful for. The IPPL gibbons also enjoyed their version of the holiday with a variety of seasonal treats.

Maui and pumpkin

Maui boldly investigates his Thanksgiving pumpkin.

Thanksgiving remains one of the few of our holidays not burdened by over-commercialization. Alas, Thursday was quickly followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But now a new tradition is arising: welcome “Giving Tuesday”! Today is the first-ever a chance to kick off the holiday season with a reason for gibbon—uh, “giving”!

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Hundreds of charities are getting together to make the Tuesday after Thanksgiving the official start to the holiday giving season. What a great opportunity to “give as good as you get”!


Maui and pumpkin lid

Maui discovers that the pumpkin is filled with… pumpkin seeds!

So please start the season by “gibbon” a little love to the IPPL apes! Make a donation—either a one-time gift or, better yet, a recurring monthly donation— so that our gibbons can enjoy pumpkins and similar goodies every season.




You can also adopt an IPPL gibbon, either for yourself or a loved one. Our adopters receive a letter and photo of their selected gibbon once every three months. It’s a gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Maui eats seeds

Maui can’t get enough of those crunchy pepitas!

And spread the word about Giving Tuesday—leave a post on our Facebook page to show how what you give matters to you!






Let’s hope that Giving Tuesday becomes an annual part of the holiday season, a way to put the “giving” back into Thanksgiving.