When a “ticklish” slow loris took YouTube by storm a few years back, it was a disaster for the species. By promoting the idea that these “cute” little nocturnal primates make great pets, the video certainly fueled the illegal trade in these animals.

Hopefully, a couple of TV shows within the next week will help counteract some of that damage. Tonight (November 16) the director of The Little Fireface Project, Dr. Anna Nekaris, will be appearing on ABC Nightline at 11:35 p.m. with a program entitled “Cuteness Curse: Slow Loris YouTube Videos Fuel Illegal Animal Trade.” And on November 20, the Animal Planet cable/satellite channel will air an episode called “Frontier Earth” at 8:00 p.m. that will also feature Anna’s work. (Both times are U.S. Eastern time.) The Little Fireface Project is dedicated to the conservation of slow lorises, and IPPL has been happy to help support this fine organization through our Small Grants Program.

Here at IPPL, we will also be raising funds for slow loris conservation by selling some lovely cotton batik loris bandanas, handmade in Indonesia, where slow lorises are native. All proceeds from the sales of these handicrafts will go to the Little Fireface Project. We hope to have them featured in our online store next week. Domestic orders: $10 each or 3 (one of each design) for $25; overseas pricing: $12 each or 3 (one of each design) for $30). Quantities will be limited!

Beige loris bandana

These bandanas are 100% cotton batik, handmade in Indonesia.


Brown loris bandana

This would also be wonderful made into a pillow cover or wall hanging.


Gold loris bandana

This would make a unique gift, wouldn’t it? Hint, hint!


  1. […] please visit our Help the Loris pages, donate to our project from North America via the fantastic International Primate Protection League, or directly to our UK-based slow loris fund,  visit the slow lorises at one of the zoos in North […]

  2. Sharon on November 19, 2012 at 10:35 am

    The bandanas are now available at our online store (https://secure.ippl.org/form-catalog.php)! Check them out!