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Born: December 12, 1995

Name: Dianne

Sex: female

Companion: Robbie

Favorite Food: Honeydew, though she and Robbie always go for their baked sweet potatoes first if they’re on the breakfast menu; if Robbie makes the mistake of taking the larger of the two potatoes, she will take it away from him!

Favorite Activity: Making threatening faces at her female neighbors


Dianne is one of our more reserved gibbons. She is daughter to IPPL’s own Arun Rangsi and Shanti, so she spent her young life living in a normal gibbon family with her parents and siblings. Probably as a result, she is not very interested in interacting with humans and prefers the company of her mate, Robbie. She is extremely territorial and performs normal wild gibbon behavior by protecting her territory from neighboring females. We do not allow our adult gibbon pairs to come into physical contact with each other, but Dianne will make aggressive, open-mouthed threatening faces at Jade whenever the girls are inside their night house at the same time.

In the wild, gibbons spend almost all of their time in the tree-tops, and Dianne prefers the same environment. She often spends time in the topmost parts of her outdoor enclosure, at least 15 feet off of the ground. While she doesn’t like interacting with her animal caregivers, she will always come down for a fresh fig grown on the property, one of her favorite treats! Once she gets hold of her fig she will quickly climb back to the top of her enclosure and stare down at the staff while she devours her snack.