Louie-Louie 2


Born: July 15, 1991

Name: Louie-Louie

Sex: male

Companion: Currently Single

Favorite Food: Mangos

Favorite Activity: Sunbathing


Louie-Louie came to IPPL with his elderly parents Cleon and Clementine (both now deceased) in October 1991 from the Lubee Foundation in Florida, after the sudden death of the establishment’s founder, Louis Bacardi. Those who assumed control decided to get rid of their approximately 180 primates and instead focus solely on bats. Louie-Louie’s parents came from a northern zoo and were missing many fingers and toes due to frostbite.

Despite his parent’s deaths and the loss of Michelle, his mate of seven years, who died of cancer, Louie-Louie is still a very energetic gibbon. He is often seen swinging around his enclosure at impressive speeds. Louie-Louie will leap and bound around using the ropes and hanging fire hoses as slingshots to propel him even faster.  Louie-Louie knows how to relax once he’s exhausted himself and staff members have often come across him lying sprawled out in the floor of his outdoor enclosure to bathe in the sun.