Born: December 8, 1990

Name: Maui

Sex: male

Companion: Currently single

Favorite Food: He likes his baked sweet potatoes in the morning, but he will eat anything!

Favorite Activity: Hanging out in the aerial tubes to watch staff and volunteers as they work around the sanctuary


Maui came to IPPL in March of 1996 with his parents Jade and Palu-Palu from the Maui Zoo, which was being closed due to its violations of the Animal Welfare Act. After reaching maturity, we paired him with tempestuous Michelle, a gibbon born to Arun Rangsi and Shanti. Shortly after, and despite Maui’s supposed vasectomy, Michelle and Maui produced a “surprise” baby that we named Courtney.

Eventually, Michelle and Maui were split apart due to aggression issues which ended with Maui requiring several stitches. This split didn’t dampen his spirits however. He is an extremely easy going gibbon who enjoys hanging upside down while swinging on the ropes and firehoses in his enclosure. One of his favorite games is when the animal care staff hides treats such as nuts and dried fruit in the pockets of their clothing and he has to dig through them all to find his snack.