Maynard and new toy


Born: November 14, 2002

Name: Maynard

Sex: male

Companion: Currently single

Favorite Food: Papayas

Favorite Activity: Hiding things (including himself) in his big plastic dog-igloo


Maynard arrived at IPPL on October 30, 2009. He had been living at a small sanctuary for rescued animals of all species in Washington State. A former pet, he was surrendered to this facility, where he lived for four years. As Maynard matured, he began making the normal loud calls that are typical for males of his species, and the sanctuary’s human neighbors became annoyed and started making trouble. They gathered signatures to remove poor Maynard, complained to every regulatory agency they could think of. Some neighbors even called for him to be shot to death to stop the noise.

Finally, the owner of the sanctuary contacted IPPL and we arranged to have him shipped to Atlanta Airport where we picked him up and drove him to his new home. Today, Maynard’s singing is graciously accepted and blends right in with the other gibbons of IPPL. He is easily one of the most athletic gibbons, as can be seen when he sprints along his enclosure and launches himself through the air. One of Maynard’s favorite pastimes is taking things from his human caregivers and hiding them in his igloo! Many people have had items such as hats, sunglasses and even their radios stolen by sneaky Maynard. They then have to convince Maynard to trade the commandeered belongings for a tasty banana.