Born: September 28, 1984

Name: Snowy

Sex: male

Companion: Currently single

Favorite Food:

Favorite Activity:


Snowy is originally from a wildlife park in southern Florida where he lived with his mate and a few offspring. As his male children grew up they began to get a little territorial with Snowy and showing signs that they needed to be separated. We got a call in late 2017 asking if we could take in Snowy and one of his sons, Val, after the facility suffered extensive damage from hurricane Irma and fell on hard times. A couple of staff members drove down to Florida and brought Val back to IPPL in November of 2017 and Snowy followed a month later in December.

We soon learned that Snowy and Val are very different from each other. Where Val is laid back and easygoing, Snowy is a little ball of non-stop energy. He spends all day moving from his night house to his enclosure, swinging on every surface and rope he can get his hands on. He’s so quick that it’s hard to get a decent photograph of him because he rarely holds still long enough for us to snap one! About the only time Snowy takes a break is when the animal care staff comes around with his assortment of fresh fruit for lunch. He’ll pause just long enough to grab his favorite food then race off again, pieces of fruit tucked in his feet so he can eat on the go.