The Day of Caring annual volunteer blitz is just three weeks away! Matching thousands of volunteers with hundreds of projects benefitting local charities, this massive event has been growing steadily in popularity since 2000 and is organized by our Trident United Way (TUW). IPPL has taken part in the Day of Caring since 2004, and we’re looking forward to greeting some returning volunteers to the sanctuary on Friday, September 13.

One way the TUW has been trying to promote the Day of Caring is via social media. Like last year, they’ve organized a contest in which participating charities are supposed submit a photo of staff holding a sign that says what the Day of Caring means for us—in one word. The TUW posts the photos on their Facebook page, and the photo with the most shares wins a prize for that charity. (Yes, please share our photo with your Facebook friends!)

Brandon with Tong

Our official Day of Caring 2013 publicity shot: Brandon with (for the moment) a very helpful and well-behaved Tong.


This year, our caregiver Brandon offered to be the poster-child for our Day of Caring social media outreach. As in 2012 (when animal care staffer Meg accepted the task), we wanted to include a gibbon in the shot, so Brandon tried posing with Tong and Gibby. But you know what it can be like when you want an animal to cooperate in a photo-shoot…


Tong wants a scratch

Tong is NOT trying to moon the camera—she just wants a back scratch!


Tong hoots

Tong “gives a hoot” for the Day of Caring.


Gibby and Brandon

Gibby’s relationship with male caregivers is “complicated.” When he lived in a lab, Gibby was known for hating all men, but Brandon seems to have achieved détente with him.


Wary Brandon with Gibby

“Gibby is becoming more and more tolerant of me, but there are still good and bad days,” says Brandon. “Some days he’s affectionate, other days he’s more standoffish.” Occasionally, Gibby has apparently offered to give Brandon a hug (as Gibby often does with his female caregivers), but Brandon is still too wary to reciprocate!


Gibby grabbing sign

Gibby sometimes tries to grab playfully at Brandon’s shoelaces… or other interesting objects.


Tong is done

Tong makes it clear: this photo shoot is DONE!