Sweet chimpanzee baby now in the care of LCRP in Liberia

IPPL News is back with its March 2019 issue!

We have lots of exciting stories for our supporters and primate lovers.

You will read about Shirley Loris named after IPPL’s very own Shirley! And about wonderful projects in Liberia (Sneak peek with the image above. Wowza! Right?), Ecuador, and Indonesia – and more.

Chimpanzees? Check! Howlers? Check! How about the slow loris? You bet. Gibbons? Always!

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[su_note]Pssst! Curious where our amazing partner projects are located? Check out the IPPL Impact Map![/su_note]

Featured image photo credit: Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue Project
Gibbon photo credit: IPPL