Friends, fun, and food for IPPL gibbons thanks to a special visitor

Mia enjoying a piece of fresh cactus fruit..

Friends, Fun, and Food for IPPL’s Gibbons

A longtime friend of IPPL and Founder of The Talkin’ Monkeys Project, Debbie Misotti, recently visited the sanctuary. The gibbons were delighted to see her, as were we. She brought lots of special gibbon food like prickly pears, huge blackberries, and fresh corn on the cob still in the husk. The animal care staff were also surprised with new steam pots. Did you know that the gibbons at IPPL like to eat some of their veggies steamed? It’s true.  (Nope. They aren’t spoiled at all!)

Good Food = Gibbon Goodies

The gibbons were very eager to receive the treats that Debbie bought for them and they gobbled them up as fast as they could. Look at Gary and Shanti eating their corn – so cute! It seems they are both left-footed when it comes to corn on the cob. (Psst!  You can sponsor Shanti through our Adopt a Gibbon program)


Beautiful inside and out

Prickly pears are also known as cactus fruit. They look a little like a bumpy mango on the outside but are absolutely beautiful on the inside.  As you can see in the photo, our sweet Mia didn’t hesitate to try hers out. These unique fruits were quite a hit and made for a wonderful treat! Aren’t they colorful?

Thank you for visiting us, Debbie. Please come back soon.

On behalf of the gibbons and staff of IPPL, we want to say a big THANK YOU to Debbie Misotti for her kindness and generosity. We are already looking forward to her next visit!