Late Tuesday night Shirley arrived back at the office from her most recent travels, so the IPPL staff celebrated yesterday with a little late (only three days’ worth of belated…) birthday party!

Shirley and cake

I think we can safely say it was a surprise!


The cake

The Cake (post-blowing-out-of-candles, pre-slicing-and-sharing).


Birthday Tree

Our office holiday tree has gone through several incarnations since December (the Valentine’s Tree, the St. Patrick’s Tree…), but for May it has become the Birthday Tree.


Meg and Shirley

Senior Animal Caregiver Meg puts her extensive food prep skills to good use!


Shirley's slice



IPPL staff

Shirley was nice enough to share her yummy chocolate cake with the rest of us staffers.


Shirley just came back from the West Coast, where some long-time IPPL supporters took her to dinner (notice the personalized menu!) and presented her with a unique gift: a framed sheet of classic IPPL gibbon wrapping paper (many moons ago we used it to mail presents to some of our special friends), inscribed on the back with birthday greetings.


Birthday desk

And now… it’s back to work—but at least Shirley can read her e-mail at an appropriately festive desk!


Did you forget to wish Shirley a happy birthday? Wish her a belated bodacious b-day on her Facebook page!



  1. Diane Koosed on May 8, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Back to work for Shirley, who must be relieved to be able to read the letters on her keyboard — after struggling with mine! It was so great having you with us, Shirley — and a couple days of nice weather, after your rainy birthday!

    • Sharon on May 8, 2014 at 1:01 pm

      Diane, many thanks to you and Scott for showing Shirley such a good time out West–you guys are the best. (Not to mention your roles as hosts-and-helpers for many of our visitors at our biennial meeting; it’s always such a relief to the staff to know we can count on you!) Back here at the office, we all got a huge kick out out of your “vintage gibbon wrapping paper”–love it!