This week we wrapped up our crowdfunding campaign on we have reached—and even surpassed—our $4,000 goal! Now we will be able to put those funds toward a new additional cooler to store the bonanza of donated produce we have been getting from Costco.

Costco gibbon cake

We gave had a special gibbon cake made for our friends at Costco to thank them for their generous donations of wonderful fresh fruit and veggies every week.


Many, many thanks to our wonderful supporters (including several anonymous friends—you know who you are!) who together made over 50 donations to our campaign.

Hardy and Ben move old cooler

We have already got Hardy (L) and Ben to make space for that second cooler in our Animal Care Cottage by manhandling our old one into a back room.


As the summer heat kicks in, we are really going to need the extra refrigerated space to store all the yummy donated produce that Costco sends our way every week.

Meg clears space for cooler

Our senior caregiver Meg got the floor space cleared in the main kitchen area, in preparation for taking delivery.


Thanks again to everyone for sharing and caring… and for helping us keep our cool!

Speedy with berries

We recently got a surplus of sweet strawberries, thanks to Costco. Speedy says, “Thank you berry much!”