The late Cyril Rosen MBE was the man behind IPPL (UK), which flourished well over three decades from the time he established the British branch of IPPL in 1976. He passed away on December 21, 2013, at the age of 86.


Cyril in Basel

The late Cyril Rosen in Basel, making friends with primates. (Photo © Howard Rosen.)

Photo of Cyril in Basel, © Howard Rosen


According to his obituary in the Telegraph, he was a multifaceted individual, not just a tireless advocate on behalf of abused primates, but also a savvy businessman (the family sold dental equipment), a competitive show jumper (with his favorite horse, Tarla), and an enthusiastic amateur astronomer.

A celebration of his life was held three days ago in Oxford at the meeting of the Primate Society of Great Britain, of which organization he was a dedicated member for many years. I recorded this tribute in his honor for the occasion.


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Goodbye, Cyril; the primates have lost a long-time friend in you.