IPPL is commemorating World Environment Day

IPPL is recognizing World Environment Day today, June 5, 2019.

Part of protecting primates is protecting the planet. Whether that means protecting habitat at the IPPL sanctuary or supporting programs across the globe, environmentally-friendly practices are part of what we do. To commemorate @WorldEnvironmentDay, IPPL is highlighting the good work of organizations funded by our international grants program, which is made possible by donors and supporters like you. Check them out!  There are a few photos of wild animals who live around the sanctuary, too.

Thanks for your support and for all you do to take care of this planet that we all call home.




We are also sharing some photos from right here at IPPL. These are some of the wild animals who live around the sanctuary or visit from time to time. With about 47 acres, we are sure glad to have these wild neighbors.