We all know that Dr. Shirely McGreal has been working for over 45 years to preserve and protect primates. She also created a sanctuary for gibbons, the smallest of all the apes, in Summerville, SC.

But are you aware there is another Shirley who lives in the forests of Java? It’s true – but there is a key difference: she’s a Javan Loris. The amazing folks at the Little Fireface Project in Indonesia named her in honor of IPPL’s Founder!

When Shirley the Loris had a baby, they gave Dr. McGreal the honor of naming her. After much thought, Shirley decided to name Shirley’s daughter Shanti, after a beloved gibbon here at IPPL! To learn more about Shirley Loris, please check and in the March Newsletter, where you can learn more about this wonderful loris family.

Slow lorises are a popular, and illegal, primate pet in some places. They are almost always kept solitary and, contrary to what was once believed, lorises are intelligent, social primates.

A recent IPPL News article debunked some myths regarding the loris. For example, despite what you might see in viral internet videos, lorises DO NOT enjoy being tickled and  they do not make good pets.


The Little Fireface Project has been funded through our International Small Grants program for their amazing conservation and rescue work. We are enthusiastic supporters of what they do. Want to see more about their good work?  See a few of their recent posts below and follow them on social media to stay up to date.



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