Sweet Kendra was born at a Florida tourist attraction in 2000. She, her younger brother and parents lived there until 2013 when the facility closed and they needed a new home. It was wonderful news for this gibbon family and IPPL was thrilled to welcome them to our sanctuary.

Life at IPPL was wonderful for 16 year old Kendra. In 2015, she was introduced to Louie-Louie and they formed a wonderful bond.

On July 8 – everything changed! Kendra collapsed suddenly. Despite frequent visits from IPPL’s veterinarian, Dr. John Ohlandt, and specialists, along with blood work, IV fluids, a trip to have a CT scan, x-rays and ultrasounds, Kendra’s condition did not improve. She was moved to our Animal Care Cottage, and the staff never left her side – day or night.

Still Kendra’s condition continued to deteriorate. We called in a specialist to evaluate her condition. She was in acute kidney failure and we did not want her to suffer. Everyone at IPPL is devastated by this loss after trying so hard to make her well. Dr. McGreal and our wonderful staff made sure Kendra left in the company of many loving hearts.