Glenda came to IPPL on May 13, 2013 along with her family: her mate Gary, their daughter Kendra, and son Thai. A Silver Springs, Florida tourist attraction where she and Gary had lived most of their lives was being turned into a State Park. It was urgent that 450 animals, including four gibbons, be re-located and we were happy to welcome this family.

Kendra and Gary had had several children prior to Kendra and Thai, but they had been sent elsewhere. All but Elizabeth, who was apparently rejected in 1984, and sent to live at IPPL. So, when “Glenda & Co.” arrived at IPPL – it was like a family reunion!

This family had never seen other gibbons before and had never lived in indoor/outdoor units. Glenda was the bravest and went to explore the outside first. Contrary to what we had been told, we never saw any “fierce” elements of her personality. She was very mild mannered and would grin and squeak with excitement whenever friends approach for a possible grooming session.

Sadly, only two years after arriving at IPPL, Glenda developed cancer, and at the young age of almost 40, we had to say good-bye. We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to allow Glenda to know a different, more peaceful life, complete with personal grooming – even if it was only for a short time.