October 10, 2018

Once again, we shared the sad news that another IPPL gibbon had left us. Umatilla, affectionately called Uma, who was born September 5, 1985. She came to IPPL in March of 2007 with her mate Scrappy. This duo arrived from a sanctuary in Texas after having been confiscated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service from an Illinois “zoo” in 1993. All too often, gibbon pairs are sent to different locations when circumstances force them to be moved from their current home. IPPL was thrilled to know these two could come together. And together they remained all these years.

Uma was a beautiful gibbon with an amazing mane that framed her face. She was shy but would accept treats like grapes and dates from staff members she liked. She also made her food dislikes known. When offered food on that list, she would look at you scornfully as if to imply that you were wasting her time!

In early October she was not eating. Blood work, tissue tests, ultrasound and a CT scan were all done to try to identify the problem. It appeared to be a pancreatic tumor. Sadly, she passed on October 10, 2018. Uma was 33.

She is missed by all of us and her mate for so many years. We hope we can find a new companion for lonely Scrappy.