When Gus arrived at IPPL in 2007, we didn’t know much about his history. All the information we received was that he had been raised as a pet before he was given to a sanctuary in Texas in 1990. Once at IPPL, Gus quickly became one of our most impressive gibbons. He was a strapping and handsome gibbon and was often seen performing some of the most amazing acrobatic feats.

When excited, Gus had a routine he would perform where he would jump through a hanging tire, swing off his trapeze, grab the side of his enclosure, and shakes the bars vigorously. He certainly made himself known to the other gibbons!

Gus had a taste for unusual food such as canned beets and black olives. One of his favorite treats was his evening banana. He was known for stealing handfuls of unattended bananas – if they were within reach!

Gus never had a mate, but he was very close with his neighbor Blackie. The two of them would poke each other playfully through their enclosures when one isn’t paying attention. They would even grab food from their buckets at mealtimes and sit near each other while they ate.

Since Gus arrived at IPPL, he had a great life – enjoying every single day he was here. Sadly, on December 7, 2020, he died. We will always miss this handsome little gibbon.