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Cheers to our “Day of Caring” volunteers!

  Today was Trident United Way’s annual Day of Caring. It was also our seventh year participating in this wonderful community-wide volunteer blitz. (And this time we even made the news!) Each year around the time of the 9/11 attacks, our tri-county area has marked the anniversary with a massive, coordinated volunteer drive. This year,…

IPPL remembers the “Pitch in for Pitchou” campaign for an orphaned gorilla in Cameroon

In 1998, IPPL raised over $35,000 from our supporters to help a unique baby gorilla girl named Pitchou, whose mother had been shot for bushmeat. Pitchou had languished for three days in a small crate in a tourist area hotel before being bought by the hotel’s owners, who could no longer bear to see her…

Escape from a cancer lab: Arun Rangsi’s story

Maybe you’ve seen those heartbreaking photos of tiny monkey babies being raised in a lab, clinging desperately to a wire “mother.” Such cruel old experiments confirmed that all primates—human and nonhuman alike—need love and affection to grow up normally. Sadly, that was how our own Arun Rangsi spent his early life. Born in a cancer…