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Invitation to IPPL event honoring Ape Action Africa

Join us for a special IPPL event honoring Ape Action Africa IPPL staff, and local residents and supporters from anywhere in the country are invited to attend a special presentation by Ape Action Africa (AAA) being held at our headquarters in Summerville. Please see Event Details and options for RSVP below. Dr. Rachel Hogan, OBE…

Farah looking down from tree

Ape Action Africa to the rescue

From a difficult start in life to thriving Imagine you are at home with your family and all of a sudden strangers arrive and turn your world upside down. Then you are dragged away in chains. Now imagine you are a 10-month infant. No one should ever have to go thru through an event like that,…

IPPL's Henry and his group of volunteers worked hard and had fun!

Thanks to our volunteers at IPPL

Thanks to the Volunteers at IPPL This week is National Volunteer Week so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to brag about the volunteers at IPPL. We love our volunteers and the sanctuary greatly depends on all of them. IPPL has indoor as well as outdoor volunteers. Both groups are very important in aiding in the…

Mia enjoying a piece of fresh cactus fruit..

Friends, fun, and food for IPPL gibbons thanks to a special visitor

Friends, Fun, and Food for IPPL’s Gibbons A longtime friend of IPPL and Founder of The Talkin’ Monkeys Project, Debbie Misotti, recently visited the sanctuary. The gibbons were delighted to see her, as were we. She brought lots of special gibbon food like prickly pears, huge blackberries, and fresh corn on the cob still in the…

Sweet chimpanzee baby now in the care of LCRP in Liberia

Extra! Extra! Do we have news for you

IPPL News is back with its March 2019 issue! We have lots of exciting stories for our supporters and primate lovers. You will read about Shirley Loris named after IPPL’s very own Shirley! And about wonderful projects in Liberia (Sneak peek with the image above. Wowza! Right?), Ecuador, and Indonesia – and more. Chimpanzees? Check!…


Protecting primates together

The last couple of weeks have been extra fun for the staff, otters, and gibbons! We’ve been fortunate to have Irene and Joseph from the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary with us here at IPPL.  In addition to sharing their knowledge and great stories with us, they got a look at our operations and had the…

The gibbons have some special visitors come to IPPL (1)

Gibbon Songs of Gratitude to Crescent Homes

Recently, representatives from Crescent Homes visited the IPPL sanctuary. They presented a very special gift made through their GIVE Program for local charities. [su_slider source=”media: 6889,6890,6891,6892,6893″ width=”740″ height=”440″ autoplay=”4000″ speed=”2000″] Needless to say, we were thrilled to welcome the team to the sanctuary. So were the gibbons. As you can see in the photos, they…

Arun Rangsi

Farewell Arun Rangsi

We are all devastated to report the loss of our first lab gibbon, Arun Rangsi (“Ruie”) who was also Shirley McGreal’s  “heart gibbon.” He came to IPPL from the University of California, which used gibbons in viral cancer experiments that caused them great suffering and death. Born at the lab in 1979, his mother rejected…

Satu (3)

Farewell Satu

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our beloved Satu otter. Satu, whose name means “one” in Malay, was born at the Singapore Zoological Gardens on April 4, 2001. In February of 2006, Satu and his brother Dua were sent to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where the two quickly became famous for…

October 10, 2018

Farewell Uma

Once again, we shared the sad news that another IPPL gibbon had left us. Umatilla, affectionately called Uma, who was born September 5, 1985. She came to IPPL in March of 2007 with her mate Scrappy. This duo arrived from a sanctuary in Texas after having been confiscated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service…


New Blog Post: Local Flavor

Check out this great new blog post by Caregiver Wes Laney. Not only does he provide daily care to our 36 gibbon and 5 Asian otter residents, but he is also the primary photographer for all the great photos you see!

Great Ape Gallery

EVENT: Ensuring a Future for All Primates

We invite anyone who will be in the Houston area on October 19th to attend this incredible dinner at the Houston Zoo presented by the International Primate Protection League. Speakers include Dr. Shirley McGreal, Founder of IPPL, and Ian Redmond, renowned conservationist and former student of Dian Fossey. All proceeds will benefit IPPL’s international work…

Blackie and Chloe

Blackie the Gibbon’s Guilty Pleasure

By Jennifer Buchanan, Lead Animal Caregiver As an animal caregiver at IPPL, part of my job includes food preparation and the feeding of our thirty-six gibbon residents.  Some of our gibbons have special diets.  For example, Blackie, one of our oldest gibbons who is estimated to be around 60 years old, is getting a little…

Ecostreamz horizontal

IPPL Partners with ECOSTREAMZ!

Ecostreamz, the documentary streamer, ups its eco-social platform with new film partners and Dr. Jane Goodall joining advisory board  

Paen’s Journey to Becoming a Yogi

By Jaclyn Trayte, Vet Tech & Animal Caregiver Paen is one of the sweetest residents here at the International Primate Protection League.  She has a family of stuffed animal babies, which she carries around with her all day.  Her family consists of a pony, an elephant, a cow, a monkey, and a bear.  Whenever a…

Courtney and hay

Enriching the Lives of Our Residents

By Jaimie King, Animal Caregiver If one thing working with primates has taught me, it’s that being an animal caregiver can be a very difficult job. Not only is it our duty to keep the animals in our charge fit and healthy, our roles often entail ensuring that each and every one of them are…


Goodbye, Sweet Bali

We are so sad to inform you that our dear, sweet Bali the otter has passed away.  Bali was born on August 8, 2003 at the Sunset Zoo in Kansas where he lived for a couple of years before he was transferred to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. He came to IPPL in August of…


Farewell E.T.

A Sad Farewell at IPPL Everyone at IPPL is devastated at the loss of our 33 year old gibbon E.T. She was born in April 1984 at the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates at Sterling Forest, New York. At six months of age, she and her parents Blackie and Penny reached IPPL…