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IPPL News – Sneak Peek #1 Sanctuary for “Tailed Monkeys” Established in Democratic Republic of Congo

Adams Cassinga founded Conserv Congo with the mission of providing a “non-discriminatory” sanctuary for any primate species except great apes, for whom other sanctuaries exist. Read about the obstacles he faces and his vision of the future on page 3 of our June newsletter.

Female Skywalker Hoolock gibbon

Sneak Peek #2: Life in China Studying the Forgotten Apes

Carolyn Thompson takes readers on a journey as she studies three of the rarest gibbon species: the newly described Skywalker Hoolock gibbon, the Hainan gibbon, and the Cao vit gibbon. Immersing herself into village life, she describes testing her culinary palette and being reported as a terrorist on the China-Myanmar border. See page 6 of…



In 1990, IPPL held its first supporters’ meeting in Summerville, SC. From that year forward these meetings have been held every two years. The speakers have included our overseas partners as well as others dedicated to protecting primates around the world. The 2020 IPPL Supporter’s Meeting was scheduled for March 27-29. There was an impressive…


Shirley McGreal, founder of IPPL, receives Elizabeth Bradham Humanitarian Award

January 26, 2020 the Charleston Animal Society celebrated 146 years of preventing cruelty to animals at Blackbaud World Headquarters in North Charleston. Before hundreds of supporters, including IPPL staff and friends, the Animal Society presented two significant awards. The Community Ambassador Award went to Blackbaud, Inc. The Elizabeth Bradham Humanitarian Award was given to Dr.…

69739 Mt.indd

December issue of IPPL News Online Now!

The December issue of IPPL News is online now! IPPL’s holiday issue of IPPL News is now available on our website. Read about our newest gibbon, Gideon, our new Sanctuary Manager of Animal Care and Grounds, the devastating fires in Bolivia and much more! CLICK HERE TO READ THE NEWSLETTER

Blackie (2)

Remembering Blackie

Today we would like to remember a very special gibbon named Blackie. Blackie began his life in the jungles of Thailand where he was caught and sold to a wildlife dealer when he was just a baby. Shortly after this traumatic experience he was sold to a lab in the northern United States before being…

Donny and ET 2 (3)


The results are in and because of many of you –  IPPL received almost $5,000 during Giving Day for Apes! Raising much needed funds to care for our delightful gibbons is ongoing. We know we can always count on our supporters and, once again, you came through. Today, we think that our gibbons might just…

2019 GFAS Giving Day For Apes Logo PNG

Giving Day for Apes 2019

You are invited to be part of Giving Day for Apes! Love gibbons? Then we hope you will join the festivities.  Please mark your calendars for October 15, 2019.  What is Giving Day for Apes? Good question. It’s not just any day or any campaign. While IPPL supporters know that every day is a great…


Farewell to Our Sweet Blackie

Our hearts broke when we had to say goodbye to sweet Blackie – our very special little gibbon. Blackie was born in the jungles of Thailand. Wild caught, he ended up with an animal dealer who exported him to the US where he would be used in research for the next 20 years! In 1984…

COP logo


Global Advocacy Update One of the most important meetings about protections for primates and other wildlife is current underway in Geneva, Switzerland: the 18th Conference of the Parties for the Convention International Trade in Endangered Species, CITES. Here’s a round up of some highlights from the conference so far. IPPL Delegation IPPL is well represented…

We hope you have a happy and safe July 4th and enjoy it as much as gibbons enjoy their _cookout_

Independence Day at IPPL

Have a happy 4th of July!

BRE bright face

LCRP saving chimps update

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection saving orphaned chimps In the IPPL March Newsletter, there is a story about an organization doing remarkable work in West Africa caring for and saving orphaned chimps. Jim and Jenny Desmond, the founders of Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue Protection (LCRP), were hired to care for 66 chimpanzees in Libera. The chimpanzees…


Summer Time in Summerville

Happy first day of summer from the gibbons and otters at IPPL. (Happy first day of winter to our friends at J.A.C.K., and the rest of the southern hemisphere.) It seemed very appropriate that we had this beautiful rainbow over Primate Lane to start off the summer. Some people say that the first day of…

IPPL caregiver day

Sanctuary Caregiver Appreciation Day

We are lucky to have a fabulous team of caregivers here at IPPL! Today is animal sanctuary caregiver day, which gives us a chance to give them a special shout out. We know the gibbons the otters appreciate all the hard work and TLC, too. Happy #SanctuaryCaregiverDay to all the amazing people out there who…


A Loris Named Shirley

We all know that Dr. Shirely McGreal has been working for over 45 years to preserve and protect primates. She also created a sanctuary for gibbons, the smallest of all the apes, in Summerville, SC. But are you aware there is another Shirley who lives in the forests of Java? It’s true – but there is…

IPPL is commemorating World Environment Day

World Environment Day

IPPL is recognizing World Environment Day today, June 5, 2019. Part of protecting primates is protecting the planet. Whether that means protecting habitat at the IPPL sanctuary or supporting programs across the globe, environmentally-friendly practices are part of what we do. To commemorate @WorldEnvironmentDay, IPPL is highlighting the good work of organizations funded by our…


IPPL’s Featured Gibbon Paen

Meet Paen   In the March Newsletter, IPPL’s Featured Gibbon was Paen. One of IPPL’s most lovable gibbons, Paen was born in a zoo in Little Rock, AR on October 20, 1985.  She lived in a few zoos while growing up including the Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park with other members of her family. …

Maui enjoying some grapes while waiting for lunch.

IPPL celebrates Earth Day today and every day

Happy Earth Day from IPPL! Earth Day gives us a special day every year to celebrate the planet that we all call home. It is a great chance to reflect on our relationship with the Earth that we call home and share with all life. Every day = Earth Day It’s how we live our…