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IPPL Announces New Executive Director

IPPL is thrilled to announce that we have hired a new Executive Director at our sanctuary!  Casey Taylor, J.D., comes to us with almost a decade of experience in nonprofit fundraising and management. Her passion for primates is unmistakable and we know she will carry on the mission of IPPL to preserve and protect primates…

DOROTHY - re-sized

Farewell Dorothy

February 1, 2016 was a special day for a petite white-handed gibbon named Dorothy. It was the day she arrived at IPPL. After spending the last 40 years in in a northern zoo, and her mate had died, she was retired to the peaceful surroundings of our sanctuary and the company of other gibbons. After…

WFFT poster

URGENT – Animal Rights Conference Attendees – Aug 4-6. You can help the animals at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand!

HELP SAVE THE ANIMALS AT WILDLIFE FRIENDS FOUNDATION OF THAILAND!  If you are at the Animal Rights Conference this weekend – Aug 4-6 – please go to the IPPL exhibit booth to sign this urgent petition! Since 2001 WFFT has fought the illegal pet trade and has been rescuing animals who are the victims of…

Kajal IPPL Garden

Kajal’s Garden

Kajal is the 15 year old daughter of Lisa Schiller, who recently joined IPPL’s Board of Directors. Her dog, Chewie, a Newfoundland, is best friends with IPPL’s Newfoundland, Blue. This past year Kajal spent some time getting to know the gibbons at IPPL’s sanctuary when she visited with her mother. While volunteering to help prepare…

Elizabeth's birthday 2017

Happy 33rd Birthday, Elizabeth!

It was in March 1985 that tiny Elizabeth Gibbon, then just nine months old, reached IPPL from the now-closed Silver Springs tourist facility in Florida. She was very small and her mother had rejected her soon after she was born. She was lovingly cared for by a caregiver named Joann. Finally the manager of Silver…

Cao Vit gibbon with copyright

Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species You May Never Have Heard Of! May 19, 2017, was ENDANGERED SPECIES DAY. If you asked someone who are the rarest primates, they would probably say gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, or orangutans, but they would be dead wrong! Among the most endangered wildlife species are many primates. The rarest apes of all are the…

Helen-11-11-13 049

Farewell Helen

Helen arrived at IPPL in April of 1982. Originally she was intended to be a companion for Arun Rangsi but, when John McGreal went to pick her up at the now-defunct Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates in New York, there was a boy gibbon named Peppy in the next cage who was…

Helen-11-11-13 049

Farewell Helen

Friday, March 24, 2017 was a sad day at IPPL. It was the day our beloved gibbon, Helen, left us. Helen was 37 years old, and such a lovely gibbon. She arrived at IPPL’s sanctuary on April 2, 1982. Originally she was intended to be a companion for Arun Rangsi but, when John McGreal went…


An Otter Love Story!

Satu, (“One” in the Malaysia language) came to IPPL in 2009 from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. He had been part of a one-year “Otters of the World” exhibit. Satu is an Asian short-clawed otter. For years, he shared his life at IPPL with Agape, a female, who had been a dentist’s pet –…


“Pet” Monkey Spotted in Summerville!

For years, IPPL has fought the illegal pet trade that exists around the world. We have also written about the tragic lives these animals endure. Even in this country, there are breeders/dealers who make a living producing babies only to take them away from their mothers and sell them to someone who wants, for example,…


Update from the IPPL CITES team

How the furniture you buy could affect primate conservation Many of the topics being discussed at this CITES Conference of the Parties 2016 do not seem at first glance to have any relation to primates. Yet, when we examined them further, we found that one of the timber issues coming up for discussion was actually…

The Barbary macaques of this area normally forage among the oak and olive trees that line the gorge.

A historic moment for monkeys, Sep. 28, 2016

A historic moment for monkeys, September 28, 2016 The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is an international treaty established to regulate trade in order to protect wildlife from over-exploitation. CITES was drawn up in 1973, the same year IPPL was founded, and it came into force two years later. IPPL has been…


Farewell Kendra

Sweet Kendra was born at a Florida tourist attraction in 2000. She, her younger brother and parents lived there until 2013 when the facility closed and they needed a new home. It was wonderful news for this gibbon family and IPPL was thrilled to welcome them to our sanctuary. Life at IPPL was wonderful for…


Celebrate GivingTuesday by giving back!

Dear IPPL Friend, A frightened infant gibbon is suddenly orphaned, by the shooting of her mother, snatched by human hands, and sold as a pet! That is how Tong’s life began in the forests of Vietnam.  For the next few years Tong was bounced from one pet owner to another, finally ending up in Thailand.…

IMG_0262-orange pumpkins-3x4

Happy Howl-o-Ween!

Our animal care staff have again come up with some spook-tacular treats for our gibbons’ annual Halloween veggie feast! Maynard dove for the pineapple before we had a chance to show it off to most of the other gibbons. But we forgave him: today is the sixth anniversary of his arrival at IPPL! Time to…

Four ways to celebrate International Gibbon Day

Tomorrow, October 24, is International Gibbon Day. And Halloween is just around the corner. That means tomorrow would be a perfect day to work on your very own gibbon mask or costume—and we’ve got some links to show you how! You know that no one else in your neighborhood will come to the trick-or-treat marathon…

Recovering from the rain

Last weekend, South Carolina experienced a “Thousand Year Flood,” as a low pressure system held in place by Hurricane Joaquin dumped over two feet of water in many parts of the state. We are grateful that we did not experience the same level of damage as some of our fellow South Carolinians, especially those in…

Painting for Primates 2

IPPL supporters got in touch with their artistic side last Friday at a creative fundraiser that also honored our adorable gibbons.   The Art Place is a new do-it-yourself studio in the Charleston area that is also open for charity events. The owner, Vanessa Steele, kindly offered to donate proceeds from the entire day’s worth of…